About Us

Lan Zheng Electronics Ltd. as a production enterprise has entered seven years from 2005.
The first trade as one of Hong Kong-based company has always insisted the development of high quality, the new trend of electronic products, and find a factory OEM companies in the Guangdong region, come to their own independent research and development and production of new high-tech products.
The products are sold to countries and regions of China, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Hong Kong.
The advantage of LZE:
1. A product of independent research and development, product form and function to the packaging design, package of all the design and development by LZE. (Design and development, including Hong Kong and Dongguan factory colleagues)
2. Product innovation, in addition to R & D products, and LZE are also committed to product reform progress, even if already on the market, the company is still on the continuous improvement program to follow-up progress. This concept allows the same series of products will be extended to many series and version, and to increase the depth of product sales.
3. Style series function increases, LZE product of many different styles, models are available, to provide consumers with a variety of choices, everybody happy with what they can get.
4. LZE Bluetooth Sound System, as the first professional production of Bluetooth speaker companies, LZE main energy invested in the quality of the product, distance - 30 meters long Bluetooth wireless, long playback time 24 hours, ultra-short charging time of 1 hour to get everyone's approval.
5. LZE material selection: To create high quality electronic products, the higher consumption based on the concept, a comprehensive selection of the world's top electronic materials and accessories to bluetooth speakers. It can be said to set the world the essence of one, to create high-quality products of MADE IN CHINA, shocked the world with Chinese products.
(A lot of material from the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries.)
6. LZE blue tooth sound system market advantage: in the market, part of an international brand owners in Bluetooth audio series, including the BOSE \ YAMAHA \ CREATIVE \, but very few models of the built-in battery. (Currently only BOSE a model for the built-in lithium battery, the market price of 300Euro to 350Euro)
The other brands are the ordinary supply Bluetooth audio limitations inconvenient to move.
The appearance of many years of market development in Europe and America aesthetic decided LZE products are simple, beautiful, atmospheric. I believe enough to cater to the discerning eye of different market of consumers.
7. Products Range: The company has six different ready models for selling, and another 2 Mini models will load in market within this year. There will be totally 8 models until 2012.
8. Quality of products recognized: blue is Bluetooth audio access to the Chinese CCC certification, all products are designated certification recognized by the national electronic products, concurrency certificate. Blue are brand five years ago at the China Trademark Office to apply for registration in the English trademark in 2010 and 2012, respectively. European quality certification of CE and ROHS standards
LZE: Do a good job for sound ~~